Harding adopted this word in the presidential election of 1920, stating that he was for “normal times and a return to normalcy.


Definition. Warren G.

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1920 US Warren G.

slogan, simpler days before the war. The cover art addresses the country’s mourning of thousands of World War I casualties buried in Europe. “Back to normalcy” was the campaign slogan of Warren G.

Harding, right, pictured with Calvin Coolidge, his Vice-President and successor, circa 1923.

. . War-weary American voters of 1920 liked the idea so much that they elected this Ohio newspaper publisher by a plurality of 7 million votes.

. Warren G.

Roosevelt in 1932.


. Harding was elected president in 1920, he brought to Washington some of his political chums from Ohio.

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Harding, half-length portrait, facing front, standing, gesturing with right fist clenched and.

There was 1974 congressional candidate Arthur Berger with his slogan: “One Berger To Go” (He stayed.

Harding died August 2, 1923, before his term ended.

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S. . “Back to normalcy” was the campaign slogan of Warren G. (1865–1923). Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc. “Back to normalcy” was the campaign slogan of Warren G.

Meanwhile, Warren G.

Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc. Harding addresses a crowd in downtown Mount Gilead, Ohio, during his 1920 presidential campaign.


There are also other phrases that are not strictly campaign slogans, but.


' He vowed to get the country back to where it was before its involvement in World War I and Woodrow.

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